Energize your Brain, Body & Business – Creating Momentum in Times of Change!

Ever feel forever “busy”, but not achieving the results that you want? Spinning your wheels, feeling drained, overwhelmed and distracted by too many choices and/or opinions? Frozen by the unknown? If so, you are not alone. We’ve all experienced business challenges over this past year of unprecedented change. If you’d like to find your state of flow (i.e., energized action), then you’ll enjoy this presentation.

What you will learn

  • Silence the noise and find your focus! Avoid overwhelm and burnout.
  • Become a leader and authority in your field
  • Identify lessons learned and create new behavioral strategies that work for future growth
  • Act now to avoid overanalyzing choices and hesitating. Live your life by design versus default!
  • Keep moving even when the going gets tough. Stay resilient and productive. Achieving success on your own terms.

Harness Your Entrepreneurial ADD

Many business owners start out with the best of intentions and a great idea! However, not many last long enough to see their dreams fulfilled. In fact, according to Forbes, 90% of start-ups fail. Why is this? What are some of the reasons why those who start out with energy and momentum, end up burning out and giving up on their dreams? Interestingly, what makes each of us unique (our creativity and ability to think outside the box), can also distract us. Instead of looking to silence that gift, why not “Harness” that ability into the “IT” Factor… that which truly Ignites Transformation?

What you will learn

  • Silence the Noise & Find Focus! Avoid wheel spinning, overwhelm and burnout to become and stay more focused and productive in your business.
  • Personal Empowerment Formula: Our Connection between those “gut feelings” and personal strength. Learn how to identify and harness your “superpowers!”
  • Avoiding the Perfectionist Cycle: How to get “unstuck” and move forward with renewed vigor.
  • Move from Action to Traction: Once unstuck, learn how to gain momentum and find your state of flow.
  • Harness Your Creative Power: Drive toward your business goals with power and endurance! Become the 10% that succeed, getting more done in less time while increasing profits.

Distraction to Action

There’s nothing more draining than moving from one activity to the next without seeing any results or goals achieved. In like manner, there’s nothing more discouraging that ending your day sitting in a pile of crumbs surrounding your computer, wondering what you got done that day and why you were so busy, you weren’t able to take a break from the minute you woke up to the time you decided to go to bed. Why is this? For many of us, there are so many things we take care of on a daily basis, that it is easy to get distracted. Most of us work hard to take care of everything and everyone else before we even take care of ourselves. Being forever busy, but not getting anything done! This presentation focuses on those points that will help you move from distraction to action!

What you will learn

  • Move from Distraction to Action! Learn how to eliminate wheel-spinning, overwhelm & burnout.
  • Develop new perceptions and belief systems.
  • Discover new possibilities & entrepreneurial out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Identify your personal job description, manage the busy work and “to do” lists to increase productivity, time freedom, and profits!
  • Create your definition of success by design versus default.

Additional Speaking Topics that May be Tailored for Your Organization

Brain Energy: Intentional Brain-Flow Formula

Identify what fuels your brain energy and how to attain and then sustain brain flow and energy to optimize time focused on your business. Flow = productivity. 

Value add for the audience – Increases excitement & energy for one’s business. Reduces likelihood of “giving up” & increases chances of becoming both happy & successful in biz. 

Create Productive Habits that Work! 

Many avoid anything that looks like work. Designing intentional activities that become habits makes productive work simple! Tips shared on how to easily do this. 

Value add for the audience – Improve components of emotional intelligence, which are our “people skills.” Leads to more effective workplace relationships & job satisfaction

What People are Saying…

“Distraction to Action gave me the tools needed to help clarify my future vision, filter out the distractions blocking forward progress, and readjust my mindset. Thank you, Elisa!”
— Wendy Sand

“The coverage of time management for me, dealing with all the distractions is beyond priceless!! I have eliminated the ‘noise’ on so many levels!”
— Karen Cunningham