Meet Elisa Magill, MBA, Ph.D. 
Transformational Success Expert

Dr. Elisa Magill is a Business and Energy Strategist who supports business go-getters to reclaim their true purpose… re-energizing them through utilizing performance-improvement, change management, organizational development/behavior, strategic design, and productivity techniques. This allows her clients to avoid burnout by finding balance in both their personal and professional lives. 

Elisa is the author of the Amazon best-seller, Harness Your Entrepreneurial ADD: Moving from Distraction to Action in the Age of Information Overload to Supercharge Your Profits.  She has also authored additional books including a university textbook on Social Psychology, and was featured in a book entitled, Wake Up… Live the Life you Love.  

Elisa has gone on to create and deliver several programs designed to guide business owners and managers to get more done in less time while enjoying the journey. She is the Founder and CEO of the Academy for Transformational Success, specializing in designing ones’ personal and professional success.  

Her philosophy is founded on principles from psychology, emotional intelligence (EQ), resiliency, leadership and management development, team building, including overall health and wellbeing. She also provides support to understanding and optimizing communication styles, work styles, relationship management, work/life balance, and living “The Optimal You!”  

Elisa holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  She also completed coursework for a minor in Humanistic Psychology, and all of the required coursework for a clinical psychology degree. While working as the CEO of her own entrepreneurial business, she went back to school to earn an MBA in Executive Management and Entrepreneurship to keep her skills current.  She also holds several certifications, including three Health Coach certifications, certified EQ trainer, and certified DISC facilitator.  

She has over 25 years of combined professional experience in both the corporate and academic environments, most recently serving as a University Dean. During her tenure as the Dean, Elisa redesigned her department to include brand new operational management systems and processes, and also designed and spearheaded the merge and reboot of their online learning platform. With her support the university grew from eight classes to over 40 classes per term.  

Elisa implemented quality and consistency within all classes, as well as designing the flow and building all course blueprints so that courses could be replicated versus built from scratch each term. She also spearheaded the design for the new faculty hiring protocol and training, guiding her team to pull together their expertise to share in a way that saved them time in training and improved new faculty efficiencies and success rates. These new processes saved the leadership team hundreds of hours of lost labor and streamlined all business processes moving forward, setting them up to take that next jump in their business model before she resigned and trained her two replacements.

The Journey

Over the past 30 years, Elisa has founded several of her own entrepreneurial ventures including Assured Transcription Services, Creative Power Marketing Group, Progressive Leadership Designs, Total Team Wellness and Academy for Transformational Success.

Elisa has worked with several entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout the years including guiding start-ups to structure the required organizational and operational processes for their business to be both effective and sustainable. She is also experienced in working with large corporate and government entities, including Google, The Metropolitan Water District, and Jerr-Dan just to name a few.  

Elisa has been a guest on several media platforms, including podcasts for the entrepreneur, various online TV outlets and featured in San Diego Woman Magazine.  

What makes Elisa unique?  

Her clients describe her style as professional, personable, enthusiastic, engaging, intuitive, and insightful with a problem solving and coaching focus. Elisa has a unique way of actively listening to clients to discover missing pieces of the puzzle, identifying possibilities and uncovering potential that may have otherwise stayed hidden. Her intent is always set on helping others to realize their true purpose and to reach their true potential by first identifying their key strengths, and then guiding them along in building the confidence and skills required to reach their ultimate big picture vision… empowering them to both step into their power and design success on their terms!